After 15 years of producing music events and DJ'ing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jimmy Love finally got a break from the action to return to one of his main passions, art. Heads of Hip Hop started off as a quick drawing exercise during the summer of Covid, where he picked up his iPad and took on daily drawings to get back into the creative flow.

The original goal was to illustrate famous artists in under two hours to help get the juices flowing, however once they were posted to social media, there was a major influx of people requesting prints. Over the course of a few months, tons of artists requests, and plenty of coffee and cocktails, there were finally enough images to see this project come to light.


Since the art is derived from famous photographs and artists, I thought long and hard about how I wanted these pieces to be delivered to people. There are tons of people selling art from photos on-line, however I don't feel good about making a financial profit off of using someone's work as the base of a product as well as using an artist's name and likeness. I grew up loving Hip Hop and don't want to be just another white guy guy trying to profit off of another culture.



Again, these are totally free for personal use. Print them on paper, canvas and get them on your walls. I ask nothing in return. I do however believe in good karma and paying it forward. If you get some satisfaction from this art, donate to a good cause. I suggest a donation to two causes I have listed on this webiste - Black Lives Matter and the ACLU.


The ever-growing collection will continue to get updated well past the lost summer. Hopefully, they live on the walls of people from all over the world. Please join my mailing list to find out about new images, different size files & stickers as they get added, printing deals, and new products I roll out.



Jimmy Love Little is a San Francisco based artist, designer, Dj and event producer. Founder of the award winning Indian music event production Non Stop Bhangra, Jimmy has spent his days digging deep into cultural sounds and imagery. With a deep love for art with a unique pulse, and a history as a painter he loves bringing sounds and colors together to tell a story. From gathering thousands of people into a venue to hanging a painting on a wall, hopefully his love of artistic culture shines through.

Over the year Jimmy Love has been heavily involved in the concert culture in the SF Bay Area. Designing for his company The Sonic Village as well as the award winning HUSH concerts he has helped hundreds of thousands of people find the dance floor. As the co-founder of the event Non Stop Bhangra he has created one of the most cultural unique "happenings" in the city while winning awards along the way. Let's just say he loves to be immersed in culture!